Month: December 2021

Ep 3: First Time Homebuyer Mistakes

Being a first-time homebuyer can be an overwhelming and confusing process. So, on today’s episode, we will go over some first-time homebuyer mistakes. Now, these are not mistakes exclusively made by first-time buyers alone, they could happen to people buying their second or third home as well. Do you know how much house you can…

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Ep 2: Refinancing Your Home Loan 101

In 2020 and 2021, you’ve probably heard a lot about refinancing. So, what does it actually mean to refinance your home loan? How can it help you and what are the qualifications? On today’s episode, Bill is going to discuss refinancing and its implications. Whether you are looking for a lower interest rate or a…

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Ep 1: Get to Know our Host Bill Litton

If you have questions about the mortgage process of buying a home or the ins and outs of refinancing then this is the show for you. Join LendUS® Regional President Bill Litton as he breaks down key lending terms, answers listener questions, and provides you with tons of tips and education about the mortgage world….

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