Ep 17: Mailbag – Closing Costs, Down Payments, and More

Let’s open up the mailbag on today’s show to answer some questions we have from potential home buyers in this high-interest rate market.

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Ep 9: Top 7 Mortgage Tips

What should future home buyers know? On today’s episode, we discuss the top 7 mortgage tips out there and how they apply to the home buying process. Don’t let a non-exceptional credit score prevent you from applying for a mortgage. Even with a perfect score, you may be facing higher interest rates in the near…

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Ep 8: True or False? Renting Costs Less Than Owning a Home

Spring is just around the corner and many people are starting to get pre-approved for the busy season. There is a lot of questions that come up during the home buying process. So, on today’s episode, we are going to play a fun round of true or false with some mortgage and refinancing topics. “It’s…

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