Ep 15: Mailbag – Inheriting a Mortgage, Home Improvements, and More

With various changes in the market, many listeners have questions about the mortgage process and what they should expect in the coming weeks and months. On today’s episode, we’ll break down each question and the vital things you need to consider when looking for your next home. What you’ll learn on this episode: Sean is…

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Ep 13: Mailbag – Co-Buying, Pre-Qualification, and More

Today, we’re going to open up the mailbag to answer some questions from our listeners. Abby’s friend told her that a 20% down payment is financially necessary. Is this true? This is a common misconception and we see even those with 20% available don’t choose to. Right now rates are still low and it’s going…

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Ep 12: Mailbag – Second Mortgages, Home Equity Loans, and More

We are opening up the mailbag today to answer some listener questions about the mortgages and refinancing. Alice asks whether there is a difference between getting a mortgage for one home versus a second home? They are going to look at a lot of the same things: income, credit, and debt ratio. But you want…

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