mortgage rates

Should you buy or rent? Here’s what the math says

The debate over whether it’s better to buy or rent isn’t a new one, but it’s picked up in recent years as interest rates have risen and property values have soared. Which is the better option financially? The answer might lie in a number of considerations, but the math makes a very compelling argument in one direction.

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March Market Update – Spring Inventory & Rate Movement

As March begins, mortgage rates have ticked back up and new inflation data is out. Bill will provide you with a market update as we get ready for spring to arrive and activity to ramp up. Is inventory still low? How competitive are the offers right now?

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Real Estate Bubble, Financing Trends, & Credit Score Considerations

As rates continue to creep higher, we’re still hearing from a lot of people who are worried about where the housing market is headed. With the inflationary pressure and values remaining strong, will we see a bubble in the near future?

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