Should you buy or rent? Here’s what the math says

The debate over whether it’s better to buy or rent isn’t a new one, but it’s picked up in recent years as interest rates have risen and property values have soared. Which is the better option financially? The answer might lie in a number of considerations, but the math makes a very compelling argument in one direction.

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Building Wealth Through Homeownership

Many people weigh the decision of whether they should buy a home or continue renting, but there are some great benefits to homeownership that will allow you to build wealth over time. In this episode of the Smart Mortgage Show, Bill will share some of the numbers that show how wealth can grow through ownership…

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Ep 20: Is It Still a Good Time to Buy a Home?

Is it still a good time to buy with interest rates on the rise and home values still soaring? We’ll share some of the historical data to give you a better perspective of where we are.

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